10 Most Shit Things People Say To Vegetarians

10 Most Shit Things People Say To Vegetarians


1. “Kya? Keh do ki yeh jhooth hai!”

When you said them the above line, they go in a deep shock and they almost need a shock treatment to come over this.

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2.  “Achha…chicken mat kha…gravy toh kha sakta hai?”

Is this your school Project to get the food in my stomach?


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3.  “Anda bhi nahi khate? Anda toh veg hota hai!”

In which country egg is vegetarian?


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4. “Religious reasons ki wajah se nahi khate?”


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5. “Sach sach bata…kabhi mann bhi nahi karta?”

Yeah That’s the only thing i wanted in my life


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6. “But you’re killing plants too…”

When they want to win every argument, they said this

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7.  “Abbey aaj Tuesday nahi hai, khaale!”

I bet all vegetarians once heard this line

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8. “Achha…pyaaz bhi nahi khate?”

These people needs to join GK Classes.


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9.  “Non Veg khana shuru kar de ab…kabhi toh khaega na?”


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10_yashrajfilms_1406812975© YashRajFilms

10. “Maine tere khane mein chicken mila diya”

There’s always one funny friend who tries this prank on you


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