7 Happy Comics That Show How Life Changes Before And After Getting...

7 Happy Comics That Show How Life Changes Before And After Getting A Dog


Dogs do have emotions, but their emotions are different than those of humans. They are simple creatures with instincts, and their emotions lack complex thought process. They feel joy when they know you are pleased, they feel sad when someone dies. However, they do not premeditate or plan ahead, and do not dwell in the past or future. They live for whatever is happening at the moment.

maimaijohn made these insightful comics on how our lives have the potential to change for the best after getting a lovely dog

1. When you leave your room spick and span and then it looks like a hurricane somehow happened inside it

1 dog2. Stuffed animals do not remain ‘stuffed’ anymore

2 dog3. Your cables are never safe but you still love your pet

3 dog4.  Dogs do not just change you, but also your near and dear ones

4 dog

5. Your clean car never remains clean with them around

5 dog

6. All food is expected to be shared, and the puppy eyes are irresistible to ignore

6 dog7.Most of your salary goes in buying their food (which is really expensive), but you do not care

8 dog

8. And life is blissful with them in it.

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